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Applied Behavior Analysis

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The program of studies in the International Training Center for Applied Behavior Analysis based in Nigeria consist of two main parts.
 It is our mission to turn the fortune of Africa around.

  i.   RBT
  ii. Applied Behaviour Analysis Technician (ABA-Tech)
  iii. Qualified Austism Service Practitioner(QASP)
  iv. Certified Austism Behaviour Analysis(CABA)
  v. Non BACB preparatory courses. For students/parents who's initial          background training are not very specific to the area of behavior              analysis​
Current Training Program..... 
BACB Approved Course Work for Board Certified Assistant Behavior analyst (BCaBA)
Non-BACB Preparatory Course

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  • ​Internship programs for students training for the BCaBA and BCBA certification examination and supervision of BCaBA practitioners.
  • Intership program for student training for the QASA and CASA certification examination and supervision.
  • Registered Behaviour Technician & ABA-Technician.

  • International exchange program with accredited universities/experts in the United States.

  • ​Consultancy Services/In-house Workshops on Organizational Behavior Management.


Qualified Applied Behaviour Analysis Board Approved Course (QABA Board)

  • Five Quarter Syllabus
  • Six Quarter Syllabus

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    QABA Course Work For Qualified Austism Services Practitioner(QASP)

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