International Training Center 
Applied Behavior Analysis

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Behavior and Social Intervention Center 
Developmental Disorders Clinic 
Home-Link International Inc.

  • Clinical Diagnosis & Therapy

  • Assessment and Placement

  • Development of Behavior Treatment plan

  • Development of Transition Plan

  • Development of Vocational Plan

  • Psychological Evaluation

  • Development of Individual Educational Plan [IEP]

  • Speech & Language therapy

  • Occupational therapy

  • Physical therapy

  • Clinical behavior therapy

  • Research, Training & Data Banking  

  • Design and production of culturally sensitive instructional/resource materials

  • Feeding and eating disorders day/out-patient treatment program

  • Intensive TOILET TRAINING day/out-patient treatment program

  • Intensive VERBAL BEHAVIOR INTERVENTION  out-patient treatment            program

Habilitation services:

  • Intensive Behavior intervention/Positive behavior support

  • Developmental support 

  • Verbal behavior intervention;
           -Community-based intervention
           -Home-based intervention
           -Hospital-based intervention

  • Practical/hand-on-hand parents training

  • Job support/coaching program

  • Psychosocial rehabilitation services [PSR]

  • Intermediate support facility

  • Family support respite facility

Other Services:

  • International Summer Support Program for Children with autism & other developmental disabilities.
  • Design and Development of resource classrooms